And the circle is now complete: Phils new AE86

Where do you go when you’ve theoretically got the ultimate 740bhp mid engined S15 in the world? You can’t really go much faster, you can’t really get much more angle… there is 6th gear I guess, and that will be tested at Mallory as soon as it’s dry again. The answer? An AE86, obviously.

With smaller low power cars, you categorically have more fun. Firing them into corners at 15-20mph faster than everyone else in a complete four wheel slide, revving the 1.6 engine to 8500rpm and giving it a stern clutch kick while the ITB’s hammer out glorious noise. Instead of doing 6 laps of Mallory before destroying tyres you’re now doing an entire day on a set. And a Β£20 NEW for a tyre, it’s value for money. You’d probably even do it on a whole tank too.

We’re loving stupid little RWD cars here at the moment, 4 members of staff own one – James, Jay, Paz and myself – but Phil’s freakishly long torso means he looks over the roof of the humble MX-5, and looks frankly ridiculous. However it was clear he needed a 1.6 so we could all race each other bumper to bumper on track days and after a lot of searching he found this example.

It’s got the works, a 2 way differential, cage, good bumpers, ITB’s, no power steering, Mazda RX7 brakes, Cams, Vems management and Konig Rewinds.

The arches are shabby, but the underneath importantly is very solid.

It’s already got a set of coilovers, this one already has a set fitted plus some Driftworks AE86 tension rods too.

A Corolla is something that requires a complete geek to run and build properly, and we feel we have the right experts in house to achieve this including Paz who has had some of the UK’s best AE86’s and will be well informed to help Phil build something amazing. We might even bring it to Mallory on Wednesday!

34 thoughts on “And the circle is now complete: Phils new AE86

    1. No man. I’m not a fan of Panda at all. The car will be cream with black bumpers just like the 2 door Levin above. That car was awesome!

    1. Know of anyone interested in a Corolla TE71 SR5? 60,000 genuine miles, second owner, Ziebarted from new, only down side is original paint has faded.

      Has the 2T-B engine with cast iron block and twin Mikuni carbs, the engine that made Toyota’s reputation for reliability.

  1. You do realise Paz is just going to steal your car once he’s finished building it? πŸ˜‰

    oh and I want passenger rides πŸ˜€

  2. He could have bought my pals TE71 Corolla SR5 for Β£2500(Giving it away the fool!) also has coilovers and only 60,000 original miles, Ziebarted from new so not a spot of car cancer on the underneath!

    Anyone interested – 07799-872-983.

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