The Art of Vandalism by Mitto Steele

If you’ve not been keeping tabs on Mitto’s retarded soft roader – A Nissan Rasheen – you’ve not missed anything. 11 pages and all he’s done is fitted some lights and an exhaust trim or something. However, BonBon made the mistake of going up to his house last night to vandalise his car – mostly by attaching dozens of cable ties to it and fitting it with a pair of rubber gloves… and when he woke up he posted this. Sad and upset, he trundled down to DWHQ to have a meeting with us regarding his clothing line and various other things, and it seemed right to vandalise it again.

Importantly, it wasn’t long before Mitto found out that it was BonBon who had caused him to scratch his door handles on his lovely washing machine-like steed.

MittoRage took hold and he proceeded to get every roll of double sided tape from the Rasheen and apply it to every large surface of Bons fairly pristine BMW.

Lines and angles were carefully observed.

John Calvert watches on as the final details are lovingly applied.

It’s an anagram of Bon, apparently.

I guess the real evilness here is that double sided tape is horrible to remove. It is in my experience anyway. Oh, and the fact that Bon is in Wales buying an Audi for HSD. Chuckles.

I couldn’t watch much longer, and wandered up the road and snapped a final photo of Phil’s gorgeous Evo7 before it gets sold and made way for something much simpler, much slower, and much more fun and RWD.

And so that concludes our broadcast day. Mitto and BonRage will collide soon, and explosions will happen.

See you all next week!

Mitto’s Rasheen thread.

10 thoughts on “The Art of Vandalism by Mitto Steele

  1. unlucky Bon! Good luck finding the key to your desk, your calculator and headset 🙂 To be fair, Bon got me twice, i only got him once… 😀

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