The History of Driftworks: This is the R32 – Pt.1

The Driftworks R32

Lets go back to a long, long time ago. When importing was a pain, lock wasn’t available off the shelf, and 18x9j ET10 wheels categorically did not fit anything… Amazingly, this is the Driftworks R32 in 2005, in Japan. This is the same car that still resides in the Driftworks stables, and it’s been on a hell of journey.

Driftworks had been up and running for a few months now and Phil was rocking about in his S14a. James (co-director of DW) had at the time a couple of S14’s too, but wanted to explore the next level and go for 6 cylinders. They were still absolutely rare as well in the UK, so it was an exciting day when a deal was struck with a friend who had had an a wonderful car specced up and built, but decided if he couldn’t afford it and James said ‘I’ll take it’.

The car, as you can see is utterly and spectacularly mint. The photos above and below are all taken at the dealership in Japan. Even by the evolved standards of stance and fitments today, it’s pretty good.

Modification wise, it was pretty standard by modern standards but had the essentials, RB25, Teins, Volks wheels, FMIC, Momo wheel, and a 1.5 way LSD.

The car remained this way mechanically for some time.

At Birmingham Wheels (the local track to Driftworks), the car was well and truly used exactly as it was intended.

In another post, we’ll look at how the bodywork evolved, and the car – plus the engines it went through getting to where it is now!

8 thoughts on “The History of Driftworks: This is the R32 – Pt.1

  1. Liking this, good to see how it all came along in a non-buildthread environment lol. That picture’s making me feel old btw as I remember those days, so thanks for that 😛

  2. ahh I remember this and phils 14a on the front page with the original DW theme, the years have flown past! such an awesome machine!!

    Looking forward to the next update!

  3. Sweet! I’ve got the same momo wheel in my S13, also an import. Plus black skylines rock big sexytime! 🙂 I missed this the first time round so it’s cool to see how things started.

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