Toyo Drift Cup finals pt.1

As I was looking at the action that is happening at Ebisu right now I have remembered that I didn’t post anything recently… So quick adventure though my folders to find a whole bunch of them that didn’t see the daylight. DAMN! Sorry for month+ delay ( omg ), but finally I will give you 1st set of photos from final round of Polish Drift Champioship by PFD ( or TOYO Drift Cup if you will ).

1st photo and well… Well-known man I assume. Paweł Trela shows me what “smoking kills” mean lol

As always, first things first – training. You know the fact that japs are damn crazy ( not only in drifting ) and we all know their drift trains that goes for 10+ cars… Well, polish drifters are trying to make the same thing. But with 3 cars here. You know, the photo was taken in broad daylight, so it was really difficult to get nice shots with sun this strong 🙁

There were actually few quests from other countries which include- Luke Fink ( in Piloti rps13 ), Robert Moller ( E36 M3 ), Rasmus Petersen ( E30 ) and Jacob Hogh Hansen in s15 ( photo above ). At the end of the day only Robert Moller got into TOP16.

Few of the guys really stood out including Mateusz “Włodar” Włodarczyk. I don’t know why but his BMW looks good in every photos I take. What the hell?

Talkin bout the hell… WHAT THE HELL?! It’s easy to say ” Oi Ray, take few photos now”… What photos? There is only goddamn smoke here!

So lets jump into few selected battles from TOP32. I wanted to post photos from every run, but that would take tons of space not to say tons of my work to edit hah. That was the battle that everyone wanted to see. Luke Fink ( JDM Allstars Champion ) vs. Krzysztof Terej in his “oh so sweet” FD3S. Hmm, maybe more SR3S? Whatever…

It was really awesome to see these two guys going at full speed. Too bad that this good drifters meet in TOP32. Both of them should be able to make it to TOP8, yet one will have to admit defeat. Not a big surprise – OMT!

Once again everyone could see awesome battle. By a small margin it was Krzysztof Terej who would win. Huh, that was intense.

Now that was another hot battle. Piotr Jankowski ( s13 ) vs. Bartosz “BRT” Stolarski (s14a). Another battle that should happen waay later in the day. Seriously I have to admit- that was one hell of a match. Best TOP32 battle that day for sure. This time Piotr Jankowski wins.

When looking at this photo I can’t stop thinking about Ebisu hehe. Sileighty and s14 going together is sooo right! Tomasz Chwastek in s14 would win this one.

I wasn’t sure if i should post this photo. Its not really good looking one, but that hachi is so sweet… Jakub Skomorucha was ready to fight for the title. His biggest rival was…

… this guy. Seriously, try to beat Maciej Bochenek when he is on fire. Impossible? Well, I don’t know. What I know is the fact, that Maciek was killing it all day long, with smoke, speed and angle. What else you need?

I have no idea why Mr. Nospin lost his battle in TOP16. Maybe I should ask someone. Seriously, it was one month ago, have some mercy!

Now thats some sweet photo. Kornel Prus in s14 gets dirty! Sorry for the guys in audience here… Unfortunately that was his last battle that day.

I’m not sure why, but this BMW looks like mustang to me… Why? Is that the white stripes? Dunno, but I didn’t get to see it much.

So lets stop here with the smoky photo. As I said- Bochenek has one of the thickest smoke machine. I mean, how can u even follow him? HOW?!

So thats it for now. Sorry for the wait, but that wasn’t my fault ( I mean at all ). I still have photos from TOP16 and behind the scene. So stay tuned!

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Cool shots and good write up mate! 🙂

12 years ago

note on robert moellers e36 m3 .. it is a e36 with a supra engine 🙂 afaik it makes about 500 hp, and loads of nice smoke

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