Our understanding of a Snow Drift.

Snow ‘chaos’ all over the country, schools closed, foolish folk unable to drive on basic icy surfaces at normal road speeds, and sadly many track closures halting track days and FCD events like Mallory Park. We were all set to go but the snow meant that Bob the organiser had to call the event off this time. But this is Driftworks, we don’t take no for an answer, so we hired Birmingham Wheels raceway and took an extended lunch….

We arrived to a completely pristine snow covered track, and with no run off whatsoever it was going to be fun!

Company director James Robinson headed out first to test the conditions in his NA6C MX-5 – and quickly found out there was ice, grip, snow, no grip, ice, no grip, grip, snow etc. Didn’t stop him firing it in!

JimsFactory headed out with James in his NA8C with Kaaz differential. He was hooking all the corners up no worries – although the tiny MX-5 did tend to sail over snow rather than dig down and grip!

Paz was in his S14, and I was in my PS13…

Whilst Mike was in the E36 and Phil in the DW test mule.

Phil and Paz headed out for some twinning practice, and as the ‘wet’ line appeared we actually found we could carry good speeds around the track!

And they started getting closer and closer.

Snow much fun!

I did some video too… which we will put up later today!

Best lunch break ever? 🙂

12 thoughts on “Our understanding of a Snow Drift.

  1. Here in northern italy isn’t that much snow (yet)…
    And the racetracks are close down even when it rains :S … gotta move to the UK 😀

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