The Driftworks Christmas Movie – Idiots in the Snow

If you give a dozen idiots a 720bhp S15, a foot of snow, and a variety of sledges and ambitious but ultimately poor snow engineering skills, what do you get? That will be the Driftworks Christmas Movie for 2010.

Have an extremely excellent Christmas everyone, and thanks for being super awesome.

20 thoughts on “The Driftworks Christmas Movie – Idiots in the Snow

  1. that looked epic!!!!! Also, maybe you should consider painting the dish of the wheels on the S15 white, looked pretty with the snow in the rears 😛 Insane movie guys, Merry Christmas!

  2. Great vid boys it hit the spot and i hope you all have a good’n and a very good new year..
    Onward and upwards driftworks keep up the good work.

  3. S15 in the snow was AWESOME !! just wish it had winter tires !!!

    Seems like you guys enjoy that white fun thing !!

    We do it all winter long here ! So much fun !!!

    Merry christmas to you guys too

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