Toyo Drift Cup finals pt. II

r33 skyline smoking its way

So after a while I give you 2nd part of my coverage. I actually had some problems with my hard drive, so it took me quite some time to get these photos… Now I have new notebook so I don’t care anymore and in between lectures (or while lol) expect to see new posts 😉 So we kick off with top16 and top8. Last part is going to be top4 and finals together with behind the scenes.

top16 pairing 1

1st pairing in top16 and I was able to see something so JDM! This S15 surely saw better times, but the spirit is the same. David Karosik – driver of that sweet strawberry was driving s14 earlier (pussywagon haha). This time it was a though challenge for him as his opponent – Maciej Bochenek was a clear favorite in his R33.

Through smoke

So as u can see, s15 was quickly left behind in a thick cloud of smoke. But the sound of rev in ichigo- something to remember.

Top16 pairing 2

So after that jdmness we got 2 bavarians. Siwy (orange e30) is well-knows for his “go hard or go home” style. Grzegorz Hypki was again in not this car…

How to see through smoke?

… but as u can see- any bmw works for him. I wonder how u can follow with this much smoke around and with windscreen covered in stickers.

top16 pairing 3

Another Bavarian challenge – Marek Wartałowicz (black bmw) vs. Szymon Budzyński (green bmw). My favorite was the always awesome Budzyński, but surprise surprise…

… even that wasn’t enough and he was out. Underdog goes through!

top16 pairing 4

Now that was a battle to remember! Marcin Mospinek vs. Przemek Jańczak. In other words – SSS Drift Cup champion vs. PFD 2009 champion.

The barrels were so good at wasting photos! Way to go! Anyway, 2nd turn and u can see quite a gap in there. Needless to say it was advantage to Przemysław Jańczak in his yellow rocket.

After changing places it looks the same with one difference- Nospin is out front and “Mały” chase. In one sector Nospin makes mistake giving the win to Przemek Jańczak.

top16 pairing 5

That’s a good presentation! Hachiroku slowly moving on, while s14 goes round and round haha. Needless to say, driver of that ae86 HAD TO win this one, if he wanted to take home number 1 plate. Tomasz Chwastek (s14) isn’t so happy about this as he won’t go down easy!

How hachiroku rocks your world

Unfortunately that wasn’t enough and there was a big gap. Jakub Skomorucha moves on!

top16 pairing 6

Whenever two teammates meet early in competition its something u would call “not cool”. That’s was 2nd time already for Krzysztof Terej. After Luke Fink – here comes Piotr Jankowski.

I have to say that Jankowski was on streak there. He ended on podium in his last 3 events! That’s a though challenge for little fd3s.

Terej pushing his fd

The sun was going down steadily, but they surely didn’t give a damn! Nice driving and only one decision to made- OMT!

Runs weren’t as good as before, but we still received plenty of smoke. It was close, but with few corrections from both drivers.

Jankowski runnig away from terej

Pushing, pushing, and pushing even harder! Well, that’s what drift is all about right? Both drivers wanted to win very badly. And they surely provide us epic battle! This time it was s13 that won. Tery is still happy after defeating Luke Fink!

top16 pairing 7

Next battle it’s German vs. Poland as Robert Moller is battling Bartek Chrzanowski.

Chrzanowski leading

I don’t want to make bad calls, but u can see the difference clearly.

bmw going hard

Outstanding drive by Bartek Chrzanowski and he is happy to proceed to top8.

top16 pairing 8

Another guy from DriftTube Team- Jagiełło vs. Trela. That’s going to be hard for the powerful bmw to beat JDM Allstars rd. 4 winner.

How can u own

I was sure he wasn’t going down easy! Great battle those two!

But well, at the end of the day its Paweł Trela to go through! Not a big surprise and now we have full squad for TOP8!

Close battle

TOP8 starts with a blast, as Maciej Bochenek is battling Grzegorz Hypki. I wonder how this battle would look if Hypki was in his car…

But even without it, the battle was incredible as u can see. Close driving, great angles and tons of speed and smoke. How can u stop something so awesome? OMT!

Drifting at its best

Bochen knows that he needs to win this one to become new champion. Grzegorz is just having a great time.

And if this is how u drive when you’re having fun- give me more of this! Another epic battle, but u have to choose one winner, right? So as judges favorite is always Bochenek he goes through!

I had hard time trying to remember who Przemek Jańczak was driving against in Top8… If I recon correctly that was Marek Wartałowicz in his bmw e30. And another big upset- 2009 champion is out!

Nice transsision

Aaaand that was a battle that we waited for so long. Two jdm cars – ae86 (with Mitsubishi 4g63 engine) against pure Nissan power s13. Jakub Skomorucha has Piotr Jankowski on his way to championship.

Hard time there and little hachi didn’t make it. And that makes Maciek Bochenek in his R33 a new polish drifting championship! Jakub Skomorucha put a great fight, but that wasn’t enough. Piotr Jankowski is happy to approach TOP4.

Trela Chrzanowski

Last battle in Top8 we have defying physics Paweł Trela going against Bartek Chrzanowski.

Another great battle. Damn, Trelabata smokes sooo much with such sick angle; it’s hard to concentrate on taking photos… I’m sure u already know who won this one.

So that’s about this for now. Oi, I gave u like 30 photos! That’s not enough?! I hope it will warm you in these snowy days. As well as I hope I won’t fail my math, since I’m writing this during exercises and biology lecture when instead of taking notes- I’m posting this hahaha
Well anyway- take care and look forward to TOP4!

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Jesper Kneis
Jesper Kneis
12 years ago

Robert Moller (Møller) on the 18th picture is danish mate, not german.. 🙂

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