Driftworks CS2 Coilovers – Proper Suspension.

It’s a pretty fantastic statement for us to band about – The top three cars in the JDM Allstars 2010 Championship were running Driftworks CS2 Coilovers. Simple. Dan ‘Big in the Game’ Chapmans PS13, the LBD/SS PS13 driven by Luke Fink and the Neuton / Meinomai 180SX driven by Jon Calvert all ran the best drift suspension in the business, and because they were able to keep all 4 wheels on the ground and the body of the car under control they were all able to secure wins and loads of points.

But what makes CS2’s special? Read on to find out.

Driftworks CS2 coilovers are specially designed and specced by us, and we’ve tested them to huge amounts on our own cars. They are different to the regular HSD’s because they are valved differently, they include optional helper springs to stabilise spring rebound which prevents unwanted micro-damper travel, and also a slimmer shock body so that you can fit wider and more aggressive wheels without rubbing issues. Naturally, they’re all now Zinc coated for maximum corrosion protection, aside from looking bad ass.

CS2’s feature full pillowball top mounts which means great feel and shock composure – and on a track focused car removing rubber or at least decreasing component movement is essential to feel.

Just because they say Drift on them doesn’t mean they’re only good for drifting – they’re just had home on seriously fast track machinery too. There is a big myth that there are differences between Drift and Track coilovers. Drift coilovers tend to be rock hard because it is easier to break away with an overly hard damper and spring rate, and losing grip and traction will just make you spin when you go for a backwards entry. If you want to go fast and handle well – and drift at huge angles – you need suspension compliancy, and that’s what CS2’s offer you.

We’ve perfected our CS2’s on our BDC Championship winning S15 – and this car has been pulling off the most insane entries, both in terms of angle and speed, and aside from an obviously extremely competent pilot – Phil puts a huge amount of faith in the cars suspension. Good set ups will never surprise a driver, even if they’ve strayed from the ideal path or had to make a sudden correction, and that’s what CS2’s offer. You can go the whole hog and fit the entire arm and bush range (A FULL handling package can be had from as little as £1388 at the time of writing this).
We put together this neat little film to look a little closer at the coilovers themselves. Obviously they are backed up with the usual Driftworks Warranty and amazing customer service and support – if you need any help with your coilovers our resident experts Kam and Bon can advise you on getting everything amazing.

Shop Link to the Coilovers themselves! Available for lots of different makes and models!

6 thoughts on “Driftworks CS2 Coilovers – Proper Suspension.

  1. How are they “valved differently” to regular HSD’s? I assume the intended use for regular HSD’s and the CS2’s is different. You say the CS2’s are still very compliant, which coilover would you recommend for which usage?

  2. Surely if your using a slimmer shock body this means a smaller damper piston? From my experience a larger piston offers greater/finer damping control. By that logic would you suggest the regular HSD dampers for track use? Or will there be a new trackculture branded damper with custom valving like the cs2’s but with a larger piston and damper body?

    Stuff looks good though guys! And you can’t argue with competition results either!!!

  3. I would love if they started to get on the market for Supras, soarers, and the most of the toyota family as well, would love one for my JZZ30, but only made for those skinny nissan bodies.

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