Day in the Office – Part 23: New Cars

Things have been running pretty smoothly here actually for once. Now that the master of Driftology Daniel Bridle is on board blogging the internets finest drift content, and Phil FlikstRR is building and tweaking websites including the soon-to-be-officially-launched, we’re able to get on with projects in our spare time instead of working overtime…

Currently fully hogging ramp space is Phils very cool and very wide BN Sports PS13 (sans Rotary engine coming next) which is currently a shell fresh from paint and a Nickson cage.

Naturally of course, he’s been wandering the stock isles and grabbed himself a set of GeoMaster 2’s so he can run as much lock as an S-Body can take whilst still being able to lower the car a huge amount without even touching the coilovers and most of all, he’s got improved steering geometry and quicker turn in.

Inside we see the cage in place, ready for wiring and dash.

And for the shoes…. well, they’re basically amazing. Phil’s going to be running on the Federal 595SS tyres for as much of the time as possible, they’re not going to offer the ultimate grip and crazy smokes of the RS-R but they’re a bloody good tyre none the less and don’t delaminate – new tyres last a whole day at Mallory!

Instead of our lovable hairy Paz, we can currently find our latest apprentice, Phils other half Alex getting her hands dirty undersealing the car!

I’ve heard the words ‘WORK HARDER WOMAN’ and ‘IM NOT PAYING YOU TO DRINK TEA’ shouted at least twice already from my office upstairs.

The other staff projects currently ongoing is Bon’s retarded 700bhp Taxi. He’s built with the help of Craig next door at DynoTorque a bit of a very posh plenum to handle the airflow of the T78. He’s also just picked up some biofuel friendly Bosch 1000cc injectors, so he can run insanely advanced timing without det if he decides to fill up with E85, and as a result should see a ton more power too.

Upstairs in JimsFactory Jay is getting on with an LS2 intake manifold for one of the V8 converted RX7’s next door.

You can’t progress without trying something new, so Jay stole my helmet and whopped some amazingly realistic wood effect on – and it looks amazing!

Oh yea, just before we completely forget, Phil’s V10 M3 is literally sat now waiting for the final bits to be fitted before we fire up. The world will be a better place when this happens. Awesome.

See ya’ll next time!

14 thoughts on “Day in the Office – Part 23: New Cars

  1. cheers peeps. Wait until the end of the week for eve more changes and then on top of that wait untill Touge Automotive get hold of it! 😉

  2. Is that white JZX from ireland??? looks exactly like one that used to be near me it had a hole in the bonnet for the turbo and was around that power…

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