DITO: Getting ready for the telly tonight

Last night, Phil gets a phone call from Chris Evans saying ‘Phil me old mukka, would you mind me using your car on my TV show tomorrow night?

‘Oh, which one?’ said Phil.

‘The one with loads of cars and crashing’


Being parked up over winter has left it looking a wee bit dusty. No bother, Paz and JimsFactory were on hand!

We’re hopefully going to see tonight Chris Evans starting off the Famous and Fearless show tonight by either doing a spectacular rolling burnout into the arena, or maybe not – this is TV and anything can happen last minute! However we’re hopeful – so set your telly boxes to Channel 4 at 8pm tonight!

Christmas is now well and truly over, so today marks the last day of the DW tree. Seems like ages ago already….

Complete with Bon the Monkey as acting fairy.

Round the corner is the workshop wall – and we’ve got a fine selection of stickers on there, but we want more! If you want your stickers featured for your team or drift related business – send them over and we’ll get them up! Address is the usual address.

Rota Grid V’s are looking really really popular – and you can only get them in the Driftworks shop.

We found this gem on Kam’s desk. The greatest comedy of all time.

We’ve received approximately one billion of these flyers (give or take), don’t forget tickets are now on sale, and a full media and event website is being made as we speak.

Right then, we’re off to Liverpool to see Chris Evans. Bye then!

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10 years ago

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by thetimhutton, Driftworks LTD. Driftworks LTD said: Tune into Channel Four tonight at 8: Chris Evans *might* be driving a certain Driftworks S15 on the TV live tonight! http://fb.me/Pgsnl8NJ […]

10 years ago

I can see a passenger ride, if they do i hope they shit a brick lol

Oh and if your not there yet just be careful of the bus lane camera’s in the city £30 squid a crack!
but i suppose you could get Bonzilla to look at them Bonrage style and scare them off lol.

I wished it was last night as my mother in law had tickets and it’s only 3 mile from mine 🙁
Anyway good luck DRIFTWORKS

10 years ago

In off the red…

From the Driftworks Shop

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