Driftworks S15 at Famous and Fearless

Couple of pictures just in from the Channel 4 studios.
Chris Evans is using the Driftworks S15 at the start of his Famous and Fearless show this evening. Channel 4 at 8pm, check it out!

Let’s hope there’s minimal ramps and crashing involved….

22 thoughts on “Driftworks S15 at Famous and Fearless

    1. Wow factor for the audience i guess, was still awesome though.

      Good shot of the screamer pipe BTW and rattled my house down with the home cinema system on full belt. Dog shat himself! Awesome

  1. Hehe, what were people expecting? 5 minutes of Phil drifting? It’s just great to have been there and do something silly on TV in front of 2.5 million people live on a proper channel!

  2. Well done boys!!!!

    planting the seed is what its all about! If even a small fraction of the audience and viewers come away with a curiousity about drifting and start to come and watch at events those brief moments are golden.

  3. i was waiting the whole program for phil to do something again and the only thing he done was a burnout and a little drift, I want my time back!

  4. Saw you guys driving up to this on the M6 yesterday, car looked awesome and made me jealous! :p

    Nearly cut you up in my Mum’s car! lol

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