Running Free 86s at Tsukuba!

Running Free has got to be one of the most famous AE86 Corolla drift teams out there, and this is awesome video of them killing it at Tsukuba Circuit really shows why. It’s great to see that a team that’s been around since the late 1990s is still out there driving today!

Thanks to James from the Corolla Brotherhood for posting this up on Facebook earlier!

5 thoughts on “Running Free 86s at Tsukuba!

  1. People need to bow down. His name is Hiroshi Takahashi and is known as “Kaicho” or “Chairman”. Regarded as the Chairman of drifting, he’s been drifting AE86’s since 1992! Him and his Running Free AE86 is basically what got me into drifting!

    1. bowing down since 05, my only tributes back then were done with pen on paper – a statement which calls me to do up a proper tribute on paper for this guy. I have a sketch of your car back then too or whenever jtuner issue 1 was released? Got it at lunch break in school returned to class and immediately began drawing your trueno. ( °٢° )

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