90s STYLE: Know Your Roots

Yoshinori Koguchi 180sx

As a lot of you will already know, drifting has been around in the UK since the early 2000s. Around that time people were getting to grips with itΒ  and the Driftworks community was slowly growing in size. In Japan it was growing at an astonishing rate, the D1 Grand Prix was in full swing, drivers were constantly raising the bar for driving talent, and it wasn’t long till the championship arrived at our shores with the D1GP Exhibition Match in October 2005.

But what about before then?

1990s Toyota Corolla drift team

Call me sad, but I have a pretty much geek like fascination with the history of drifting, the way it’s developed over the years and the stories behind it. So I like to try and dig around Japanese websites to find scraps of information and old photographs (usually photographs OF old photographs), as I think it’s pretty cool to see what it was like back in the 90s!

silvia on the touge

The touge was of course the home ground for a lot of drifting across Japan in the 1990s. Big groups of young guys would head up to the mountains and practice sliding their Nissans, Toyotas, Mazdas and other RWD cars through the turns.

1990s 180sx drift team

Teams with often daft, incoherent (awesome) names started forming and running the touge together.

Sileighty parked up

It’s crazy to think that the cars people chose to drift almost 20 years ago, we still choose and lust after today?

R32 GTR drift

If you had the money you could go down a more expensive route. An R32 GT-R would have probably set you back over way Β£20k in today’s money!

Mark II GX71

As always some people went for something a little different than the popular choices, such as a GX71 Toyota Mark II.

AE86 high camber

My favourite thing about the 1990s though is the styling. Sure they’re not all slammed, have perfect wheel fitment and have huge bodykits and wings, but this era of drift car style set the foundations and trends for a lot of what we see today, and to me, still looks the better than most drift cars around now.

Sileighty 90s style

Keep it simple people.

Tezuka crash

Finally I’ll leave you with this picture of someone who looks an awful lot like a young Tsuyoshi Tezuka sitting in the back of a busted up PS13 Silvia!

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  1. Really. Thanks for this article. Was a pleasure to read. Nice work to get all those Pictures, it was really interesting. πŸ™‚ More! ;D

  2. Great post my good man. The 90’s was my favourite time for drift car styling and you’ve summed everything up perfectly! Great read, Keep ’em coming brother

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