Toyo Drift Cup finals pt. III

Battle in the smoke

First of all- happy New Year! So as we start 2011 I’ve thought that it might be a good idea to post something. I actually wanted to do so as Christmas gift, but didn’t quite work out haha. So lets continue with TOP4 battles from Poznan. Above- 1st pairing Trela vs. Jankowski.

Trela chasing!

Pretty fierce battle, but Trela had to admit defeat. He made a mistake and that costed him a place in the final.

Sun rising while at drift

Second TOP4 battle – Bochenek vs. Wartalowicz. The amazing underdog really got far in competition! I was actually really surprised. I didn’t know about him until that event. But that’s as good as he could do. Bochenek overcome him with an ease.

Luke Fink, Hypki and spectators

Haha, to make some tension, lets leave the field for now. It was the first time I actually saw autograph session. Guys had hero cards, so u could have nice memo from them. Not suprising, Luke Fink as “import” had a lot of fans!

Kid is proud!

See how the kid is watching his signature? Its like he wants to copy it!

Trela sigining hero card

Paweł Trela got the fans attention with his next to impossible angles and great speed. I must say he is one of the best drifters here in Europe now, don’t u agree?


Thats the last corner. See the tyre marks? Soooo many people checked if grass is soft here. I still remember when one year ago BRT car was going straight at me after he loses his drift. Don’t worry- as Tsuchiya would say- “Saaaaafe!”

The air-camera

And that is something incredibly awesome! Believe it or not, but that thing was flying above the track with camera mounted on it. I wonder what kind of shots u can get using this? Oh, on the side note… When there was a little brake in competition, the guy with controler wanted to have some fun. He crashed the thingy into TOYO baloon gate hahah! That really was one of the biggest audience cheers then hahaha!

Veteran vs. Underdog

Its all cool, but I’m pretty sure u want to know who win. So back to competition. Before finals there was battle for the 3rd place.

Sky's the limit!

You can just see the gap created here. Trela was the favorite here and he won. Not a big surprise here. Big gratz for 4th place to Marek Wartalowicz! Great performance! And I quite like the photo btw. Its like “back to the future” haha Or maybe “sky’s the limit”? What u think?

How to own your enemy in drifting volume I

Ahh I’m missing the topic again. So, at last- FINALS!

Battle for top spot

Bochenek against Jankowski. Now that was a battle to remember. Really close driving, great angle, speed and tooons of smoke!

always sideways

There was an OMT and that wasn’t that big of a surprise. But in my opinion ( and opinion of few other guys), Jankowski should win there, without the OMT. He was closer, faster and didn’t make any mistake. Still, the judging fail a little again.

Final harpin

Well, that for sure was fan-friendly. The battle was really close. Actually the OMT lead to mistakes from both drivers. It wasn’t as clean as before.

Skyline in the sun

But that lead to yet another OMT!

Almost a clipping zone

Oooh the awesome barrels, who are meant to waste your photos. It was sooo hard to actually capture a car between them! But Piotr Jankowski managed to stop the time when on position haha

JDMness drifting

As you can see the sun was already going down. See how close Jankowski got? They did that all the time. But that was the last OMT. And the winner was…

From left- Jankowski, Bochenek, Trela

…Bochen! His driving was really good whole season and I really like his driving style, but this time I must say it should be Jankowski on top spot. Trela, as mentioned before, have taken 3rd place.


In every motosport theres chamapgne! Its not Abu Dhabi, where u don’t have liquor, so the showering was on! Here u can see Jakub Skomorucha on second place. That was final standings celebration.

Bochenek celebreating his championship title

When u say Bochenek was happy that would be a big understatement. Just check out his smile! Sorry for the blurriness, but I tried to remove champagne from my lens and didn’t managed to change camera settings haha

So that’s it. That was the last round of Polish Drifting Championship. For me it was like mirror image of last year. Not the competition I mean. It is always awesome and unique. But the rest? Come on! Year after year it’s the same. And I hope the judging will improve too. But, that’s just new year wishes 😉

Anyways that’s it for now. Take care!

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10 years ago

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10 years ago

This guys coverage is weird. Photos aren’t that great and the write ups don’t really seem to tell the whole story. Seems like there is a seperate agenda behind every story. The Polish scene seems to have a lot of great drivers and organizers but this guy presents them in an amateur way, with a rude tone. Want more from Poland but not from this guy.

10 years ago

There is no agenda behind every story Oo Why u even think so? And where do u see any rude tone? Im no professional, so dont really expect speedhunters level of photos or text. I just love drifting and i want to share whats going on in Poland. Tell me exactly what u dont like and i will try to improve.

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