The Midwest Bash – Sick looking cars!

From the dudes over at Club FR – this is a film from their Midwest Bash 2010. Sweet looking cars there too… especially the Zenki S14 and the FC.

6 thoughts on “The Midwest Bash – Sick looking cars!

  1. If the UK drift practice days ran like this and as smoothly as this, they’d be much more awesome! The days i’ve been too, not many twins/trains happen?

  2. Yeah, here in the US it’s usually mandatory that you have a cage for tandem. A lot of events are bending the rules on this recently though if they know the drivers are good. That event did run smoothly though despite a few things. My friend Koopa got like 150 runs or something. I’m the driver of the silver chaser BTW> xD

  3. looks like a sweet little shindig going down here, bunch of good drivers, some sweet motors and some sunshine, bring on the summer and the good weather

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