Driftworks R32 in Dubai?

Well no, not actually the DW R32, but Dex from the forums found this footage of a copy of our car in Dubai. It’s not got much to do with drifting, as it’s just spinning out in a car park, but what is interesting is that it appears to have the one RB engine in the world that doesn’t blow up when you give it burnout death!

12 thoughts on “Driftworks R32 in Dubai?

  1. Weird! Here, in Russia, RB25 is most common swap for Silvias. But i mean, what was that on the video? Look how i can do…. hmm…. how i can do, well i dont even know how to call it. It’s like having a plane and make a youtube video how you rolling out rolling in your plane from hangar to hangar…

  2. it has to be an RB20 to take all that abuse and not go bang.
    although it could have just been any of the RB engines and just built and mapped properly.

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