Forum Rides: Billy Sutton’s R32 GTS-T

Billy Sutton's R32 Skyline 01

Something that’ll be occurring more frequently on the Driftworks blog in 2011 will be small feature shoots with cars owned by members of the Driftworks Forum. Whether it’s a cool street car, right up to a full on professional competition vehicle – we’ll give you a little look into who owns what in the community.

So first up is forum member driftescort, otherwise known as Billy Sutton, and his R32 Nissan Skyline GTS-T!

Billy Sutton's R32 Skyline 02

Billy picked up the car as a rolling shell last year. He already had a pretty well sorted R32 drift car at the time, but he wanted something more road worthy. So he decided to re-shell the parts from his drift car into this pretty much MINT shell that had done less than 60,000 miles! The main goal was to have a car to take to practice days and do the odd competition with, but still drive around as an everyday, comfortable street car.

Billy Sutton's R32 Skyline 03

With the help of some friends, he basically built the car from the ground up as he re-shelled it. Everything that was done to it was done in such a way to keep the car as reliable as possible.

As reliability was the key, modifications to the RB20DET engine have been kept fairly simple. Instead, most of the attention focused on the suspension and setup. The car runs a set of TEIN Super Drift coilovers, TEIN tie rods and ends (with another washer added for extra lock), TEIN tension rods, Driftworks solid subframe bushes, Driftworks front camber arms, Driftworks Hicas Lock bar, fully adjustable arms at the rear, a front strut brace and a HKS Kansai rear strutbrace.

Visually the Skyline has recently been changed with the addition of a genuine R32 GT-R front bumper and Vertex sideskirts. The R32 also rolls on a rather sweet set of Rays Gramlights 57S in stagger flavour, with 17x9J at the front and 18x10J at the rear!

Billy Sutton's R32 Skyline 04

I had a chance to catch up with Billy and ask him what his future plans for the car were. Here’s what he had to say:

“I have a comp spec Fabricage to be fitted with the intention of entering competitions (preferably JDM Allstars), but that is looking hard to do without some kind of sponsorship. I also have a HKS GT2535 turbo waiting to be fitted but it requires rebuilding, something I also don’t have money for at the moment. I’ve also toyed with the idea of fitting an SR20DET at some time in the future. Apart from that I just want to make it look as badass as possible, taking a lot of inspiration from the Japanese and their car style!”

Billy Sutton's R32 Skyline 05

So there we have it, a clean, simple, but fun Skyline drift car! I’m looking forward to seeing how this car will change over time, and with Billy  being a forum member you can keep track of how it develops over on his build thread here: – R32 GTST Drift/Road car –

Although he needs to update it… tut-tut.

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