A day in the Office: Part 25?

I’ve lost track to be honest. Having been away for what seems like the best part of half the year so far, I’m going to fly in at number twenty five. None the less, as usual, we’ve all been far too busy doing things that are boring and business like, and not enough fun stuff. Fortunately, that’s all about to change. We’re gearing up for AwesomeFest – we just sent out the press release about track time – and the small number of people moaning about beginners not being allowed, you guys still have loads of time to get down to Mallory and practice! We just want to make sure everything is amazing, and see some top level amateur and pro cars mixing it up in the sun.

Anyway. Things are getting fruity – Phil has been driving up and down the road all day in his M5 V10 powered E46 M3 – and making little tweaks here – and big burnouts there – and it’s really coming along nicely. You can check out the full progress of the car as usual over on TrackCulture.

JimsFactory has been assessing the passenger seat experience – and he’s approved of the general noise / speed / car.

We’re not really sure how fast it is – it just spins up the wheels on our short estates run up, but when a car sounds this angry, you don’t care.

The reason the conversions taken so long is because this car has got to be a road car – not a race car. Even things like the incredible racing dash are mounted in the OEM console.

Paz grew hungry after a 5 hour shift of listening to Phil ripping about and decided it was time for cake.

Fortunately, we leave little bits of cake all around the office.

Tea up, cake on.

This is apparently what a Paladin from WoW wears. I’m inclined to believe him. 😀

Outside, the JimsFactory roadster was receiving it’s full winter restoration. Well, he washed it…

… and then started hatching plans for some extra noise.

Finally – these came through from Sheen Media – totally amazing. You can get your own set from the dudes themselves over at Scene-Media!

P.S – How badass is this car in pure black?

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