Matt Powers running Driftworks Geomaster 2’s

The king of low Matt Powers is running Driftworks Geomaster Knuckles on his timelessly famous Need for Speed 240SX for this years Formula Drift season. Combined with a few other choice parts Matt can run lower (if it was even possible) and have pin point accurate steering at the potential hugely increased lock. The other benefit of the Geomasters is when you’re on full lock the ackerman angle is almost completely eradicated and the car will hold full speed at any angle without the risk of a spin. Good luck this year Matt, do us proud! Read the full build over at MotoIQ.

Matt Powers knuckles geomaster

6 thoughts on “Matt Powers running Driftworks Geomaster 2’s

  1. Marius, clearly you know nothing about driftworks products… you realise we haven’t only just started drifting here right? Having known the guys since day one, i can tell you all they have done is improve the products, way beyond the standards of anything that any of us has imported.

    Best of luck to Matt, i’m sure you will love all the extra traction and MASSIVE angle!

  2. Driftworks always has top notch products these knuckles are some of if not the best out there (publically available) I might be picking a set up soon for the events we have here in the US. that and a 2j Chromoly flywheel since they’re kinda rare over here.

    Rota however still sucks. I don’t mind bashing up the Works if it means I am getting a true performance wheel.

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