New Skids On The Block – Final Trailer!

Dan Joyce just dropped his latest trailer for his up-coming Low Brain TV documentary, it’s shaping up to be a pretty awesome watch.

Check out the first trailer here!

10 thoughts on “New Skids On The Block – Final Trailer!

  1. Cheers for posting – aiming to get this out for summer – gonna take pre orders when i’ve finished the site.

  2. got it – Everlasting light – The Black Keys

    ace vid btw – don’t get the whole bdc/japspeed/joke/hooha – all because of that one comment? correct me if i’m wrong!

  3. wtf srsly? surely there’s more to it than the c*nt comment?! i’d love to know what the deal is – some people eh? 🙂

  4. Dont get all the history behind it but to be fair Luke could help the scene and not be an arrogant cock. The guy has some awesome skills but with his arrogance the UK scene wouldnt miss him.

    I will wait now for all the guys that lick his arse and reply back 😉

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