Build Feature: R33 Skyline + LS3 = ???

For the 2011 BDC season, Ian “Bizz” Phillips decided to go all out. This R33/LS3 powered Skyline is the first of it’s kind I’m aware of in the world. Not only does this make it extremely exciting, it also makes it extremely difficult. With everything being fabricated in house at DD Racing the mammoth task is well and truly under way, with a fast approaching deadline.

In 2010 this car won the semi-pro class within BDC. This year Bizz is joining the ranks of the pro class, and what an entry it is. The LS3 is equipped with an aggressive cam and custom high-flow headers as well as many other performance oriented modifications. This, coupled with an extremely talented driver, is sure to make waves in the 2011 season.

I’ll leave this blog brief and encourage you to head over to check out a step by step build here or here. Bizz will be updating regularly and I’ll add more pictures as we go.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this build as inspiring as I do.


9 thoughts on “Build Feature: R33 Skyline + LS3 = ???

  1. I bet thats going to be savage when its built up!!

    Also, both the links (check out a step by step build here or here) go to the same thread on driftworks lol.

  2. you guys going nascardrift also ? please dont let it go that way like how we got it in the USA aka formuladriftnascar. i like the uk,aussie, nl and japans events more than because its more grassroots

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