Drift Colors: Ebisu Circuit course introduction.

Haha – More Ebisu footage for you, except this one is not a candid testing video – This series pretty much caught everyone out by surprise, we’d not heard anything for a long time about the We Are Drift documentry that was building so much speed and gathering momentum so fast and then seemed to literally vanish off the face of the planet – but it is back, albeit in a new format in bite size chucks of awesome little segments. Luke Huxham, the brains behind it writes: ‘Episode 1 of a five part web series about Ebisu Circuit located in Japan. Join us as we take you around Ebisu with one of the worlds best drifters, Naoto Suenaga. This video acts a reference for people who want to learn the tracks or just see some badass drifting. Japan needs to return back to normal. Don’t cancel your holiday or drifting trips, just continue on with your plans your helping more than you think. Next episode is in the making as we speak, drift action and interviews with local and international drivers from Australia, America and around the globe.’ Lets hope we see the next one as this is f*cking SICK. Oh, and yours truly wrote the music. 😀

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