Historic Video of The Day – Asamoto VS Haruyama

After a brief discussion on the Driftworks Facebook page about videos and websites that got us into drifting. I think it’d be cool to post up some classic drift videos now and again! Ya know, the kind of videos that you saw when you were getting into drifting and made you go “woah, what the hell is this!”. The internet has always played a big role in the spread of drifting and if it wasn’t for all those old bad quality videos from Japan, many of us wouldn’t have even heard of it.

This video might be familiar to some of the people who’ve been into drifting for a long time now. It’s D1GP back in 2002, when the cars had street style and the tracks were tight and technical! This has always been a favourite of mine, and was one of the first videos I ever saw that had twinning involved. Masatoshi Asamoto in the orange FD3S was a killer driver, and the way Takashi Haruyama handled his big Cefiro around the tiny Sugo Sportsland circuit was pretty mind blowing to see!

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