Awesomefest update – FREE paintball battles!

Since Awesomefest (29-31st July 2011) is all about participation, we decided that the wall of death wasn’t the best idea… since we couldn’t allow the public to have a go. What did we decide to replace it with? An inflatable paintball arena! Oh, and its going to be TOTALLY FREE all weekend!

We’ve got an inflatable arena coming to Awesomefest which is 60x60x40ft and we’ll be running 10 minute battles between two teams of 5 players… all for free!! Another reason to make sure you don’t miss Awesomefest this year!

Have you bought your AwesomeFest™ 2011 tickets yet? Weekend & day tickets, and track sessions are available from the Driftworks shop now…

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9 Responses to Awesomefest update – FREE paintball battles!

  1. AWESOME, could this get even better? i seriously doubt it!

  2. We allowed to bring our own markers, and what LB per inch is allowed and also we allowed fully automatic markers ?

    • Sorry, but only the provided gear can be used for insurance reasons…

      • I take it you can wear PB clothing if you have it? Can we wear our own masks or is that
        not allowed due to insurance ? Surely paint can’t be free can it?

  3. damn, you guys know how to throw a party! Awesome

  4. Awesomefest just got more awesome

  5. Damn this event looks like its shaping up to be epic…. too bad its on the opposite side of the world

  6. Yes you can wear your own PB clothing and mask

  7. holy shit why do i have to move to australia in 2 weeks! FUCK! i prey your guys do this next year as im in!!

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