Do you tow your drift car? Watch this!

We’ve just been sent this by one of our customers. If there was ever a warning about towing your pride and joy this is it! Gutted for him 🙁

17 thoughts on “Do you tow your drift car? Watch this!

  1. one reason for this is because the combined weight of the trailer and car is more than the tow vehicle, as soon as you feel the trailer sway reduce your speed immediatly, avoide harsh braking and do not try to correct the sway of the trailer by steering right to left, if you reduce your speed the trailer will come back in line with the tow vehicle.

  2. This is why people now need to get a licence to tow. If he had been taught he would know to slow down when it snakes not speed out of it, only when you jacknife do you accelerate out if possible

  3. I have personlly had this happen to me.. Didn’t end up rolling the trailer. But did a lot of damage to it… Very scary when it happens…

  4. I think it has to do with weight placement. Bad trailer design- The wheels on the trailer should be further back or the car on the trailer should be further forward.

  5. Did the guys in the car filming not think to beep at him or warn him somehow? Surely slowing down would have been an obvious reaction.

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