DriftColors.com : Episode 5 – Naoto Suenaga Team Orange


Grab a drink, grab something to eat, grab a seat and sit back and relax as we speak to one of the highest profile professional drifters in the world. Naoto Suenaga give us an insight into how he started drifting and also has some great advice for people getting into the sport or people wishing to progress to a pro level.

It’s hard to take some ones whole life and squeeze it into a short film so this is quite a long interview. If your looking for a drifting video montage this might not be for you, you’ve been warned!

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I would like to thank everyone who has watched my videos and followed us from episode 1 until now our final episode. Don’t worry this wont be the last video you will see just the end of the Ebisu Circuit series.┬áIf you’re watching this video thank you for your support, show some love and get on our FaceBook page or “like” the video, we really appreciate.

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