DMCC Introduction!

Hello! My name is Jeremy Alan Glover and I’m a photographer from Montreal in Canada. My passion is photographing cars and I have been shooting for about 8 years, 6 of which have been on a professional level. I cover some sort of car event pretty much every day for various web sites and international magazines.

I also happen to be one of the official photographers and media coordinators for the DMCC series here in Canada. DMCC (Drift Mania Canadian Championship) is a professional drift series that has been going strong for about 7 years now.

The series started out in eastern Canada and recently expanded to also have a western Canadian series too with 7 rounds for the eastern series and 4 rounds for the west there is a lot of drifting action going on here in Canada with out even including the weekly drift events we have going on. Ill be here to share it all with you. I’ll leave you with some photos of last years DMCC action.



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