Team Japspeed Subaru Stolen!

Team Japspeed Subaru

Yesterday the Japspeed 1JZ Subaru was stolen from the Performance Vauxhall Show at Santa Pod Raceway.  The car was last seen (video after the jump) heading south down the M25 near Heathrow at 7:45pm last night. If you have any information please contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

20 thoughts on “Team Japspeed Subaru Stolen!

  1. See the forum, Facebook and Twitter. Its not a fake. The guy filming the video didn’t know it was stolen at the time, so he didn’t see the need to follow it.

  2. Annoying as this is, I think some extra security is needed for track cars other than a Push to start button. Using a hidden fuel & electrical cut when parked up would stalled the thief for sure. I hope JapSpeed get it back.

  3. The battery was disconnected at the time and its not just got a push to start (from reading the posts on the forums). Apparently one of other JapSpeed cars had been tampered with as well

  4. im sure i saw this going through brentford last night, if not someone must have something that looks identical? must have been around 10ish if not later!! i tried taking a photo of it but it flew past me going the opposite direction!

    1. Hi Dan,

      Sorry to bother you I know this is a little weird. But I am researcher for RDF Television (Wife Swap, Shipwrecked ect.) We are making a series for BBC1 about crime and we are really interested in the stolen Subaru and how the car community were so essential in it being found and the thieves being brought to justice. I’d love to have a chat with you about you seeing the car.

      If you are interested in talking to us please contact us on our Facebook page. Or call on 0207 013 4000.

      Many thanks,


  5. totally gutted about this!

    i was actually chatting to baggsy in the VIP room after this car had been taken – no one knew it had gone at the time!!

    i hope they find it, but the last sighting was yesterday i think – things are looking slim 🙁

  6. How come normal cars get stopped all the time by 5-0, but a highly tuned track car with no plates goes unnoticed? It has racing livery and bright orange wheels for frack’s sake, it’s hardly inconspicuous!

  7. This is shocking !!

    With regards to finding it , is gonna need fuel !!

    Email all chain petrol stations such as texaco , esso etc and ask them to keep an eye out !!

    As them to put signs in the servIce stations etc !!

  8. they must have been prety clued up on the car surely i dont know what the interiour is like in the car but if its like some of the others thers loads of switches and im guessing its got a dog box? for a random person it would be all alien to them

  9. So shocked and sorry to hear about this.

    It’s not just how much the car is worth but the time and effort put into making this a race ready car – and also the fact that the driver cannot compete in a car that he is used to.

    It really does show that even race cars need security.

    My sympathy goes out to Japspeed and I hope their car is returned quickly and with minimal damage

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