A Day in the Office: Part 29

Damn it’s been a long time since I posted one of these! Doesn’t help being away for months in a go, but hey no fuss, it’s time for a look round DWHQ alongside the build up to the ‘FEST.

So the new Driftworks Flatpeaks have finally after long long last arrived at DW HQ.

And they’re pretty badass! You’ll be able to pick these up from the Driftworks Trade Stand at AwesomeFest before anyone else in the world gets their hands on them!

Phil’s been cutting out some massive massive stickers for signage.

And Kenny’s been weeding out the hundreds of orange chrome and glitter stickers for you to rep at and after the ‘Fest.

Outside, DWHQ’s transformation into BMWHQ seems to be nearly complete, but there is still time for the low rider love, which you’ll see popping about the place at AwesomeFest on it’s new 24v system whilst throwing out some silly hip hop. 😀

Three of the six bikes we’re bringing to kill ourselves on. We’re holding an internal company competition to see who can make the most bones stick out of their skin after a jump, our money is on FlikstRR. 😀

Even Bon has a new bike to rip on!

Bob just sent through this shot on his iPhone to me as I was typing – the ramp park has begun construction!!

So that’s about it for now – you know the score, you know the name, anyone who is anyone will be there! Have a BRILLIANT time if you’re going, have a rubbish time if you’re not, and we’ll catch you on the other side! 😀


18 thoughts on “A Day in the Office: Part 29

    1. Yep, available at Awesomefest, and we’ll have them in the shop the following week as long as there’s some left 🙂

  1. i will have a shitty time cuz i cant be there !!! ;(;(;( so dissapointed! but i have to buy that hat when it comes in to shop 😀 look prettyy awesome! 😀

  2. Shit, I’m in Spain, i would like go but it’s too far
    if the hat was available in the online shop, i would buy it!
    thanxs Man!

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