Awesomefest confirmed Drivers: The Smith brothers!!

The latest pro drivers to confirm they are attending Awesomefest in 21 days are Julian and Walton Smith! Julian will be bringing his world-famous ex-Ken Nomura Garage-D/Blitz ER34 Skyline, with Walton driving his Jap Performance Parts RB25DET powered Impreza in the Pro demo on Saturday night. We’ve got 22 pro drivers now signed up and confirmed, with a few more announcements due over the next couple of days!

If you don’t already know who Julian and Walton then you’ve missed out! They’ve both been around since the beginning of the UK and Irish Drift scene, Julian being one of the most experienced drifters in Europe, starting his competition career back home in Ireland in an E30 M3, now most commonly seen in ‘de Blitz’ ER34 Skyline. Walton followed in his brothers footsteps jumping straight into Irish and UK competitions, although with a different selection of drift cars, starting his competition life in a Ford P100 pickup with V6 power! Both of them now use their skills to keep half the European drift cars alive (and Watford’s KFC in business) at Julian’s workshop in Watford, Garage D.


Julian’s Blitz ER34 is one of the most recognisable drift cars in Europe, if you haven’t seen it being driven on the limit before, you’re in for a real treat! Julian is one of the most entertaining drifters I’ve ever seen in person so the sight of the R34 getting fired into Gerrards will be something you won’t want to miss!

Walton Smith, who competes in the Drift Allstars series (formerly JDM Allstars) with his Jap Performance Parts RB25 powered Subaru Impreza will be taking part in the pro demo alongside his Brother. This car has now been all over Europe and the Far East with Drift Allstars, and has proven itself to be a spectacular sight!

Have you bought your AwesomeFest™ 2011 tickets yet? Weekend & day tickets, and track sessions are available from the Driftworks shop now…

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