Ebisu Circuit : RUN THE WALL

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Run The Wall
Definition: Maneuvering a vehicle sideways into a drift and positioning the rear end of that vehicle as close to a circuits outer walls while maintaining your speed and line.

Ebisu Circuit located in Fukushima, Japan has become world famous for its high risk “rubbing is racing” style of drifting that the course invokes. Drivers will push their cars to and beyond the limit to find the perfect line while they “Run The Wall”.

In this film watch as drivers from around the globe demonstrate the fearless “Run The Wall” mindset as they drift their cars only inches away from walls, some will even try to put them through the walls.

Let the carnage begin!



3 thoughts on “Ebisu Circuit : RUN THE WALL

  1. I don’t know whats better, that JZX driver or the fact that the world famous Ebisu just got compared to a shitty little oval in the middle of even shittier derbyshire.

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