Die Dänen am Nürburgring

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a free trip to the famous ‘green hell’ at Nürburgring in Germany by the two Scandinavian Drift drivers Sara V. Hagemann and Gregers Pedersen. During the weekend of awesomeness at Nürburgring -where they also had DTM the same weekend – I made this film of the two drivers who were getting better and better andbetter. Sara in the ‘Street-class’ and Gregers in the ‘PRO-class’ at theInternational Drift Series, IDS.


Sara was lucky enough to get a really nice 2nd place in her class and could go home with the first trophy in her career in drifting, just as Gregers had some really nice – and FAST runs in his class and made his respect between the other PRO drivers. Unluckily Gregers made some mistakes in the top16 battle and didn’t move on.. I’m sure he could go far and maybe win if he had had more experience.

I hope you like this video, and remember to follow all of my work at Facebook. I’ll post both videos and photos regular on my page at www.facebook.com/neffiphotography

Thank you

Music by Wu Lyf – Dirt

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