DMCC Round 5!

DMCC rolled into the Mosport International Raceway this past weekend for the 5th round of the series. It’s the second year that the series has come to this track. This year they changed things up by running a new layout that proved to be a lot more exciting for the drivers and fans a like. The track had a nice high speed entry and then a tight twisty technical section near the end with some slight elevation changes thrown in for good measure.

Round 5 was a one day event unlike all the other rounds, so all the action was crammed into one non-stop day.

The practice session went great with all the teams and drivers learning and getting their cars set up properly. Marc Landreville was looking great out on track – his team seemed to have all the bugs of the car worked out.

The track proved for some good dirt drop action!

Before we knew it practice was over and it was already time for the qualifications to start. Jeff Laflamme put down two crazy runs and secured himself a good qualification spot.

First qualification spot went to Marc Landreville.

Dave Paradis was having a consistent day but sadly had some car issues when it really counted and failed to qualify.

Babu did qualify in his LS powered G35 but on his second run his clutch let go and his team would not have enough time to get it fixed before the top 16 so he had to forfeit.

The Toronto rounds dont usually draw as much of a big crowd as most of the other rounds but this time the grand stands were pretty packed!

Top 16 started with a bang. Dave Briggs had to face off against Miro. Both drivers are leading the championship so this match up could really change the order. Both drivers had some errors so a OMT was called. This time it was an even match up and the judges gave Dave the win.

Next up was Jo Thiffault going against Tanner Munson. It was Tanner’s second DMCC event and he actually got 3rd in his first event. On his chase run he put 2 wheels off and with Jo putting down two solid runs Jo went onto the great 8.

JF Chiasson faced off against Carl Nadeau. Carl came in two hot on the first clip and rotated the car. His chase run was good but was not enough and JF got the win.

Jeff Laflamme took an easy win to go onto the great 8.

Brad Carton always goes all out when it comes to tandem. It was no different when he went up against Dom Desrosier. He was on him throughout the whole course and even got a little to close at times which resulted in a OMT. Even with the OMT he took the win.

Pat Cyr had an easy win against Simon Shaffner when Simon spun on his lead lap.

After missing the last round because he was away getting married, Bob Patinka faced Peter C. Peter over shot his entry and gave the win to Bob.

It was now time for the Great 8. JF Chiasson went up against Jo Thiffault. Jo seemed to have the advantage up until his engine let go. JF moved on.

It was a rematch between Brad and Jeff – both drivers put down some great runs and Brad got the win again.

Brad’s Drift Posse team mate Pat Cyr faced Bob Patinka. Bob put up a good fight but it spun the car on his lead run.

┬áThe best battle of the day was between Marc Landreville and Dave Briggs. When ever these two have a battle you know its going to be action packed. On the first run Marc slowed down almost to a stop and Dave had no where to go but into him. On contact Dave broke an axle and bent up some suspension parts. 5 minutes were called and surprisingly Dave’s team got the car back out.

After getting the car back it was time for Daves lead run. The car was fixed but still not in perfect shape. Marc stuck to Dave through out the course and because of the contact a OMT was called.

On the OMT Dave put two wheels off causing his sideskirt to fly off and also giving Marc the win.

The Top 4 came down to Marc Landreville, Pat Cyr, Brad Carton and JF Chiasson. For the first time ever Drift Posse/HSD team mates Pat and Brad had to face off in competition. Brad pushed hard on his lead lap but ended going straight off track – with Pat putting down a solid lead run he got the win.

Next was Marc VS JF. Marc won and was going on to battle Pat for first.

For 3rd is was Brad VS JF. JF spun on his lead lap giving the win to Brad. Even though JF missed the podium it’s still his best finish this season.

Now it was time for the main battle of the day – Pat VS Marc. This was going to be a great match up since both these drivers are aggressive chasers. Pat was on Marc’s door the whole run.

With the added pressure of knowing Pat put down a solid run, Marc had to go all out. While coming into the second clip Marc came in too fast and did a reverse entry right into Pat.

As soon as the cars came to a rest after the contact, both drivers went into victory donuts and burnouts. It made the fans go crazy!

It was the first time for Pat Cyr on podium let alone win in his home province and I’m sure it made it even better being up on the podium with his team mate Brad.

Final results: Pat Cyr, Marc Landreville, Brad Carlton, JF Chiasson.

The next round is going to be a big one as it’s an XDC VS DMCC event putting the American drivers against the Canadians. The event will be held at the Autodrome St-Eustache. For more info check out

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