Driftworks S15 Build Thread

As I’ve been totally shit with  keeping the build thread for the Driftworks S15 up to date recently, I’m now going to make a concerted effort to keep it in check with smaller updates as and when they happen.

Keep an eye on the Driftworks S15 Build Thread Here
After obliterating my only remaining genuine Vertex Ridge front bumper at the Drift Allstars event in Birmingham, I thought all hope was lost, and I’d have to fit a non Ridge front bumper, but our buddy Saj at Jap Performance Parts came through with this complete S15 Vertex Ridge kit (minus rear bumper). It looks like it came off the HKS RS2 S15, more recently ruined as the Nismo S15.

Dan, in awe of the awesome custom crate Jap Performance Parts knocked up

And the contents: Super rare spare Vertex Ridge widebody goodness.

I’ve got a bit of a hectic few weekends coming up, so we’ll be doing our best to get the car lovely again.
If everything goes to plan we should be at:
Trax – Britishdriftchampionship – Silverstone September 4th
Prodrift – Mondello – 10th – 11th September
Drift Allstars – Wembley – 17th – 18th September

This is one of my favourite shots of the car this season from Drift Allstars Birmingham Wheels moments before killing the bumper. Photo by Pawel Borowski

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