Fuji 86 Style 2011 @ Fuji Speedway

Once again 8/6/2011 is upon us!!! With Tsuchiya Keiichi (Drift King) dropping by to give a speech,

the Ae86 only drifting going on at the Drift Park, it was a fun filled day with a few surprises….



This year’s meeting is being held at Fuji Speedway in Gotemba, named –Fuji 86 Style 2011–

Hachiroku owners and enthusiasts come together on this special day to show off and talk about one of the most iconic cars in Japan the AE86.

As I entered the gates the ticket lady said “drifting at the drift park & car show at the main grandstand area..decided to stop by the drift park to check on the drifting going on there first.I got stopped at the entrance by this sign…

hachiroku only parking sign at entrance to drift park.

(Hachiroku only parking  allowed in the drift park today) !!


I quickly find a different spot to park and head into the Drfitpark.

With nothing but AE86 Drifting I snapped a few pictures right away.

ae86 drifting at the drift park

ae86 drfting at the driftpark.

ae86 drifting at the driftpark.

ae86 drifting at the driftpark

ae86 driftingat the driftpark.

ae86 drifting at fuji drift park.


As I’m there snapping away I see 3 red AE86 coming down the straight…


team runfree drfiting at teh drfitpark.

team runfree drifting at teh driftpark.

team runfree

Team RunFree is here participating in today’s event; these 3 together are magicians with the AE86.


I decided to get a few more pictures of drifting as it is a new driver class out there drfting.

ae86 drfting at the drift park.

ae86's drfting at the drift park.

ae86 drifting at the drift park.


As I move further into the drift park to check things out I see some really nice AE86.


ae86's parked

ae86 parked

Matt Black = Sexy

Missile done right !!


As ya’ll might know Tsuchiya Keiichi and Daijiro Inada split from D1Gp to start the new drift series dubbed
“Drift Muscle” in Japan.


This AE86 sporting the Drift Muscle sticker.

I got to talk to the owner of this car and to my understanding he believes the Drift Muscle series will do well. He was explaining to me that anybody with a car that meets the safety requirements is allowed to enter the series, with a beginner series, middle and expert, all can participate unlike in D1GP
where it was always the most popular drifters ,and you needed to earn a license to even be able to try to qualify.



A few cars down I notice a very familiar car that I see often here at the drift park.

This Ae86 belongs to the wife of the D1GP driver Wataru Hayashi and she has some serious skills behind the wheel.

Sure enough Mr. Hayashi-san was here also representing with his D1GP AE86.

Wataru Hayashi is one of the most popular and respected AE86 drivers here in Japan,. If you are into RC Drift cars you for sure know his Yokomo Rc Drift Car.

He currently runs his own garage T-50 and rents out the drift park quite often,really one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.



With the Schedule of today’s event’s in hand …Tsuchiya Keiichi is making a guest appearance at the grandstand area of Fuji Speedway, not wanting to miss it I head over that way.


OK This is the end of Part 1 of FUJI 86 STYLE 2011 @ Fuji Speedway ….. Part 2 coming soon so please stay tuned !!!


Hope ya’ll enjoyed the article on AE86 day !! please leave a comment below if you enjoyed it !!

My site allae86.com is currently in the finishing stages and will be live soon, The site is strictly dedicated to the AE86. I will add a gallery section of the more than 100 photos on todays event.

I’ll have all kinds of info for the AE86 fans,from translating Japanese magazines into English, new and used parts,clothing and stickers only available in Japan , shops with info on ordering,and Japanese videos with english subs.. My goal is to bring as much info about the AE86 under 1 roof.

So please stop by soon to check it out.


One last thing…… Here is a short video of this massive AE86 only drift event.


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