Fuji 86 Style 2011 @ Fuji Speedway Part 2

Leaving the drift park, I’m off to check out Tsuchiya Keiichi speech

Walking over to the Grand stand area of Fuji Speedway. I stopped to take a look at some of the AE86’s in the parking lot.

There are a few tuning shops here also showing off their cars.

A nice RARE Black Limited edition.

I noticed people waiting around a stage area where they seem to be waiting for Keiichi-san to take the stage.

As I was waiting I see Keiichi-san’s AE86 on display so I made a beeline to it and snapped a couple of photos off and then headed back and took my seat near the stage just in time for the introduction.

Keiichi-san sat down and started answering questions about the new RWD FT-86 Concept 2 Toyota/Subaru that will start selling in 2012. Mr. Keiichi-san doesn’t seem to thrilled about the joint venture between Toyota and Subaru in making the FT-86. Subaru will be providing the engine he says, and one model will a have Boxer engine providing 200hp and be priced around 2.2 to 2.5 million yen, or about $25-$28,000 US dollars.

(He doesn’t mention anything about a different model being made, but the rumor is it’s going be a turbo based model FT-86) Keiichi-san goes on about how Toyota should sell a stripped down version of the FT-86, (No hood, no trunk, and no fenders, and goes as far as saying maybe even one without a engine. His explanation is that tuning shops will provide frp and carbon parts for this car when it comes out and that a stripped down version would save on the initial cost of the FT-86, since a lot people will be replacing those parts with aftermarket parts anyways. I guess that makes some sense to have a choice.

And guess what …

Here it is,  the FT-86 Concept 2 for all to see today at the Fuji 86 Style 2011 event.

Thanks again to all the readers here at Driftworks hopefully you’ve had your fill of AE86’s !!!

I decided to start a Facebook ALLAE86.com  Please stop by AllAE86.com and check out all the extra photos from Part 1 and Part 2 of Fuji 86style 2011. I will be constantly updating this FB page to coincide with my new website AllAE86 that is in the works and will be live soon. I’ll have Rare Japanese T-shirts and stickers only from Japan up on the FB page soon. I’ve also been in touch with a few specialist AE86 tuning shops here, and will have deals on certain parts from RunFree and Origin at this time, more to come as I work out pricing deals. I will be including used parts at deep discount also from other sources, so please come by my page. You don’t have to love my page all I ask is for you to LIKE it. The site is strictly dedicated to the AE86.

So please stop by soon to check it out.

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