Is your Awesomefest buzz wearing off? Here’s the remedy


The official Awesomefest video has now recieved over 125,000 views in a little over a week! and just when you think the fantastic media from the event is starting to dry up, Daniel Hovdahl goes and releases this beautifully shot and edited video. Once again reminding us all exactly how much fun we had over the weekend…. How much more of this can those of you that didn’t come take of this? It’s got to be killing you right? :D.
Well remember that early booking discounted tickets for 2012 are already on sale HERE and by buying your ticket early, you are not only showing your support for what we are doing, but also allowing us to create an even bigger and better Awesomefest 2012!
Fantastic work Daniel. We can’t wait to have you back next year 🙂

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11 years ago

I was going to go there with my dad but I was in Poland on holiday in that time ;/ I really wanted to go… well next year I will be there 100%

11 years ago

The best video of the weekend. Its mainly track based footage puts it above the other video’s for me. Quality stuff.

11 years ago

Almost 11months left =)
Really lookin forward to next year.
Watched this video about 10 times today, and now i got that awesome feeling back, that i had the whole weekend at mallory.
Hurry up 2012!

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