25% off Nardi and Personal products!

Since today is such a miserable and rainy day for the majority of the UK, and because our stocks of Nardi and Personal steering wheels are so good we’ve decided that we’re going to offer a massive 25% off all Nardi and Personal products that are in stock! This will run until the end of September, and only applies to stock items (very nearly everything is in stock right now – but don’t be surprised if we sell out of popular items like the Deep Corn and Driftworks Nardi wheels and Personal Neo Grintas over the next week or two!). All you have to do is use the discount code NARDIPERSONAL25OFF in our shop and then sit back and as with all orders from the Driftworks shop, your new steering wheel and accessories will be with you in next to no time at all! Take a look at the full range of Nardi and Personal products in our shop by clicking here.

Nardi Steereing Wheels

Bon recently shot a slightly awkward video where he demonstrated the differences across the range of Personal products and talking about the various options of grip material, size and grip shape. If you haven’t already seen it, take a look at it here.

Of course this discount is available on the full range of Nardi steering wheels as well as Personal, including their gorgeous Deep Corn series and even on the extra special and mighty exclusive Driftworks steering wheels.

Driftworks Nardi Steering Wheel Perforated Leather 350mm


So if you want to add a take advantage of our generosity, place an order on our web shop or call us on 0845 86 92 555 and save yourself 25% on some of the poshest products we do!

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12 years ago

Slightly awkward? I thought it was bursting with PERSONALity, sod off!!

12 years ago

Nardi Classic arrived today.
There was also a Haribo chewing gum in the box, LOL!
Many thanks


| | Driftworks | 10054
12 years ago

[…] one passed the test? Right now there is NO EXCUSE for buying a fake Nardi because we’re still running our 25% off sale on all Nardi and Personal products! All you have to do is use the discount code NARDIPERSONAL25OFF in our shop and then sit back and […]

11 years ago

AKAIK you\’ve got the anwesr in one!

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