BDC Silverstone – Federal For The Win


Yesterday at Silverstone, the British Drift Championship held their 5th round of the Super Pro series, where a full field of the usual UK suspect were joined by Need for Speeds Darren McNamara and Fredric Aasbo.
In the morning during torrential rain, Driftworks Phil Morrison qualified in 1st place, and Fredrick Aasbo qualified 2nd, both drivers using the Federal 595RSR tyre. Then the rain cleared up for the battles in the afternoon, and after working their way through many hard battles, it ended up with Phil verses Fredric in the finals!… It was the battle that crowd had hoped for, they both laid down the thickest Federal Tyre smoke of the day, completely blinding each other in both runs. No one could split the two drivers. Even the judges wanted to go one more time, but unfortunately Silverstone had to put a stop to the fun because of the strict schedule, and potential noise complaints, and a decision had to be made. Fredric by the smallest of margins took the win due to mimicking Phil’s line just slightly more accurately, and Phil was just as happy to come in 2nd place to such an awesome competitor.

Photo courtesy of Mandy Norris.





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