How practice goes down, southern style

not afraid, missile
Drop top rocket

You guys probably haven’t seen me before, but I was at Driftworks Awesomefest 2011 with a camera in hand all weekend running around as keen as a kid on a pogo stick. Like many others I eat sleep and breathe drifting. My passion began in 2005 when I was 15, I saved and helped friends until I could afford my own FC RX7 (Ex-Touge Heroes car) in 2009. Now, for the love of drifting (and probably some/a lot of stupidity) I am where I am today.

Sunshine state, USA
Florida - The sunshine state

Since around then, I’ve been set I wasn’t being tied down to go old and grey. So sold my S13 upped sticks and moved to the USA, more precisely Florida. I co-own a company, giving the Floridian drifters what they haven’t had already, and in my spare time going to every event and meet I can to share for them, and now you guys! Sunday 18th September was a practice day at Desoto Super Speedway.

FC Desoto
Jeremy Lowe Killing it

Those guys rock it hard, they don’t give up, support each other 110% and the atmosphere is just brilliant! Being my first drift day State-side and not driving, I was a nobody. No media passes, no group to hang with, nobody!

sr20 turbo 86
SR20'd 86 was particularly popular

Within an hour of being there, one of the fast up-coming drivers Chris Haskell (look out for him, and support him if you can!) introduced us to the lovely Jen Carroll who ran the day at Desoto.

Chris Haskell
Chris Haskell rocking his well built 14
Jen carroll desoto drift
Jen Carroll - That ran the day at Desoto

Within minutes of meeting her she had me in the middle of the track allowing me to test out my new camera I bought from one of  those “going out of business” shops – Like in the Zohan film?

1UZ 240
1UZ Powered 240Jeremy and Jeff Twinning consistantly

Anyway, BIG props to the drivers, the variety was huge as were the cars. Well done Jen for holding up such a cool day, thank you Chris for telling us about it and setting us up.

– Jamie Dunn

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10 years ago

Awesome write up! This is by isnt it? 🙂

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