Random Snap – Touge Drift Victim

Touge Round Poland

Slawomir Grausam

Right now (9-11.9.2011), the 4th round of Polish Drifting Championship by PFD is getting started. Today was the first day of training and as you can see, we already have a 1st victim. This round is taking place in mountains, at a course set like in an oldschool Japanese video you can see on Youtube! If you throw in a panda Hachi, you wouldn’t even notice it’s not Initial-D. But of course, this is pretty challenging… Sławomir Grausam unfortunately crashed hard today. It’s a shame, as he was getting much better with each round. The driver is thankfully alright.

The real action will start on Sunday, because then the TOP 16 will kick off. You can actually watch the event at www.drft.pl. I couldn’t make this round (you can’t even believe how mad I was because of this , but there are few mates of mine there, so expect anfull review 😉

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drift cam
drift cam
9 years ago

ouch! mut have been going pretty fast to make that much damage..
or maybe it looks worse than it really is!

James Hudson
James Hudson
9 years ago

No, the car is a write off. He clipped the wall on the exit of the penultimate corner which sucked him into the ditch and that pitched him into a lamp post which flipped the car. This pic was taken after the car had been flipped back onto it’s wheels. Marcin Skwiercynski was also unlucky enough to roll his M5 engined E46 on Saturday afternoon, but somehow he managed to get the car fixed and running again for Sunday. Bartosz Stolarski and Mateusz Włodarczyk also managed to have HUGE shunts, but Włodarczyk continued to compete in a completely banana shaped E46. Some SERIOUS pics and vids will be coming soon.

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