Touge Madness in Poland! Pt.1

Hey again! Sorry to keep you waiting for so long, but finally I’m posting photos from Karpacz! In part 1 we are going to see some behind the scenes action, as well as some random shoots, but part 2 will be all about the Top 16 battles! I have to give a huge thanks for the cooperation of my fellow media guys. It’s thanks to them sharing their photos you can see the action here. But enough with talking!

The origins of drifting come from the mountains. I’ve thought it is impossible to make a touge round because of the simple facts – it’s dangerous (as you have seen earlier), costs a lot of money and well, the  city council don’t really approve of such things. But you know, here in Poland we have some crazy people behind every drifting event, so it seems like it isn’t going to be last time we see a touge round here!

A few foreign drivers were present at this round – Niels Becker, Martin Poorhamidi and Karsten Mikkelsen are all from Denmark. Only one of them made it to the Top 16 – the Nissan Skyline driver Martin.

Late into Saturday, there was a special little cup of Karpacz which run into night. Some great looking drifting there, but incredibly hard to shoot!

Well, hard to shoot is what I say, but it was rather hard to drive too! I really have huge respect for drifters, as it looked pretty scary out there…

The autograph session is getting more and more popular over here. Spectators can talk to the drivers and show their appreciation.

Its hard to argue when we say that drifting is crowd friendly! It was great to see such scenes and believe me when I say that everyone on track loved the action!

A great track, great crowd and great weather. Along with tire shredding machines and insane drivers, what else is there to ask for when you want to have a good time?

Krzysztof Terej  made an appearance at final round of European Allstars last weekend at Wembley. I’ve heard you quite like his driving style. Too bad overtaking isn’t allowed 😉

Of course not everyone was lucky there. During the 2 days there were quite a lot of crashes. The course itself is incredibly challenging and every tiny little mistake could end up with your car wrong side up.

You’re never gonna think of a dirt drop without remembering this picture anymore!

Even though your car is all beat up, it’s bumpers are in pieces and there are no more tires left it’s hard not to smile! The Drivers were incredibly happy. Damn, they were smiling all the time. Even after the event they were talking about this one track. Some people say its a mile stone for drifting in Poland or even the world. From what I reckon no one has ever made a touge round before. Wouldn’t it be great if we start a new trend? Touge rounds all around the world? What you guys think?

Again huge thanks to everyone who donate his photos so I could post this. See you soon in part 2!

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9 years ago

Any videos ?

9 years ago

Tons of videos. If you want I will post them at the end of 2nd part.

9 years ago

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