DMCC RD7 – The Final Battle

It is almost hard to believe that final round of the 2011 DMCC series is already here. For the final round the series came back to the Icar circuit but this time it was a day event and the sun was actually shining. The track layout was the same as last time but since the drivers were now driving it in the dry and going much faster the track proved to be a bit difficult for some of them.

In the morning the drivers and crew were all getting ready for the final event..the mood in the pits was very relax..Everybody was ready to have a good time.

Some teams worked on getting the cars ready for battle.

Others worked on their pit transportation.

The Practice session started off great. This track in the dry was going to be great for tandem battles.

We even had a new driver make it out to the event. Mike Pollard. He was throwing down some crazy entries.

For the last event Dom Derosier brought out something special..A nice v83 350Z that he borrowed for this event.

Practice was going great but the first clip did claim a few drivers..luckily the wall was “soft” enough that most of the cars came out with minor damage.

Near the end of the session the wall was pushed back about 4 feet. The wall was 4 foot behind the white line and used to be straight.

But the wall hits were not the spectacular part of the practice session. What amazed everybody was Jo Thiffaults stunt driver escapade that all started  when he went a bit too high and wall tapped the back end of the car. The front of the car sucked up to the wall and then this happened.

Jo was quick enough to bring the car back down onto all 4 wheels.. it was really an amazing site to see. With that, practice was pretty much over and the teams had some time to relax and get their cars ready for qualifications.

The Jodrift team were working hard to get the car fixed before the quals started.

Briggs Drift Team going over footage shot by JHD Productions

The break was also a great time to go get a NOS drink from the lovely NOS girls.

Spotted this bad ass trike around the pits.

Race quad tire hauler!

The event was over for Peter C as a blown clutch cut his weekend short.

With the crowd filling up the grand stands it was time for the quals to start.

Pretty much all the drivers put down some crazy runs. Jeff Laflamme put down a sick run hitting all the clips earning him the number one qual position.

2nd spot went to Dave Briggs.

And 3rd to Marc Landreville.

Carl Nadeau was driving great all morning but had some bobbles during both his qual pass’s..he did manage to qualify but just barely.

With quals over it was time to get the action started. The top 16 main event..First up was top qualifier Jeff Laflamme going up against Carl Nadeau. Carl had a decent chase run but on his lead run he over rotated and in order to avoid Carl Jeff went into the wall.

The win went to Jeff

Next up was Pat Cyr VS Francis Tasse. Pat took the win.

Brad Carlton won against Dom Desrosier

It seemed as if Jo liked the walls a bit too much and came in way to fast while leading Eric Paradis.

Eric got the win.

Claude Poirier put up an impresive fight against Marc but Marc weas able to get the nod.

After a OMT Dave Briggs knocked out Maxime Truchon.

Mike Pollard took out his fellow American Bob Patinka who was having car issues all day.

The first epic battle of the top 16 was between Miro and Tanner Munson. With how the points stacked up Miro had already claimed the championship so it seemed as if he was driving balls out and all for the fun of it. Both drivers put down crazy runs sticking to each other like glue.

After a OMT the win went to Tanner!

After that excitement it was on to the top 8.

After his crash in the first round Jeff Laflammes car was back but damaged so going against Pat Cyr was not going to be easy. Despite his best efforts Jeff was not able to overcome Pats little hatchy.

Brad Carlton pretty much took himself out against Mike Pollard when he rocketed himself into the tire wall.

Dave Briggs took out Eric Paradis.

Marc VS Tanner..Marc moved on to the top 4.

Top 4 action was intense right from the start as Pat and Mike faced off..Some crazy tandem between both drivers and in the end Pat got the win.

Next up was the 2 drivers that always seem to face each other and always put on a great show…Marc VS Dave..with it being the last time they would battle this year it was going to be a great match up.

The first run was too close to call and it went to a OMT. During the second run it was almost as close but Marc was given the win leaving Dave to battle it out against Mike Pollard for the 3rd spot..

After his battle with Marc, Dave was on a mission and took the win against Mike earning him the 3rd spot podium and getting him the 2nd spot in the championship.

On to the main battle..the last one of the season..Marc VS Pat..Both drivers went all out with the crowd cheering!

And after a OMT the win went to PAT CYR!

Final standings of the day broke down like this: Pat Cyr, Marc Landreville, Dave Briggs and Mike Pollard.

Pat had some fun spraying one of the DMCC models.

Then she got pay back!

With it being the end of the season it was also time for the Championship podium too. Miro taking the top honors.

With Dave Briggs taking 2nd in the standings and Jeff Laflamme in 3rd.

It was an incredible season with tons of action, new tracks new venues it was simply amazing. I already cant wait for the next season to start. For more info about the series and to keep up to date about what will be going on for next season be sure to check out


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10 years ago

Just looks like pure carnage!

10 years ago

Hell yeah! I watched Mike Pollard practice last week with some guys in ohio! That car is sick.

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