Random Snap – More doors, more…

I got sent this picture a few days ago and thought it was blog worthy – 4 door Skylines are pretty rare on these shores. Richard’s car has more than its fair share of rare parts, a full DUCE kit and Work Emotion CR Kais in Shadow Chrome to mention a few.

I have a love/hate relationship with this particular car after spending 24hrs in it on the way home from Awesomefest 2011 when the gearbox died and left us stranded 400 miles from home, whilst waiting for a particular Breakdown company – I’ll name no names – but their vans are yellow, they claim to be the ‘4th Emergency Service’… and they’re called The AA.

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11 years ago

Shot by this guy https://rpajor.wordpress.com/

keep an eye out there for the full shoot appearing soon 😀

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