A Day in the Office: Part 30 – A Fresh Start

Amongst the usual random dinner time chat at Driftworks HQ the other day, conversation lead onto the DW blog. One thing about the blog in particular; what was it that you guys, the readers enjoy the most. It had an obvious answer for us, and that was our well received ‘Day in the office’ posts.

So, the task has been handed to me(no Pressure!) to bring you the week by week happenings here at Driftworks whether that being serious stuff, stupid stuff, car based, drift based, BBQ based, well just about anything to be honest! What’s been happening here at HQ since the last Day in the office post? Well, to put it lightly. A heck of A Lot!

The expansion of the building is well underway with young Rolfy (Dan) devoting his time to 25% painting, 25% cleaning and 50% sitting down. The signature DW orange is beginning to take over the floor and just to note, if you ever visit Driftworks in the near future and you happen to scratch this floor Young Dan will actually cry his heart out. It’s his pride and joy, Just so you know…

Another ‘minor’ thing on the Driftworks calendar is the filming of Outsiders in Japan. The lads actually left a couple of days ago, but my jealousy levels haven’t backed off yet.  To keep me company while they are gone though I do have this lovely note stuck to my office PC from our Blog Man Daniel Bridle, so not all is lost.

Check out the Outsiders Official Facebook page for regular updates right from the lads in the motherland!

Another recent change is our beloved Bon moving on to other things, so we couldn’t let him go without having a trademark Driftworks BBQ could we?! Out came the Mini Chopper Bikes, Huffy sliders, lighters and brake cleaner…errrr
My apologies for the blurry photo, but it can sometimes prove difficult to take a steady photo whilst almost falling on the floor from laughing. In case you were wondering, he did travel through time once he reached 88 mph.

Moustache fever has also taken over the office with Jay, Myself, Kam, Phil 2, Young Dan and Bon taking part in a team Movember effort to help raise some money for Prostate and Testicular Cancer charities.

We would love your support so if you feeling particularly generous drop by our Team page and donate! Dan has even taken it to the next level even adding a top lip display to his E39 528!

Talking of Dans E39, one thing I have decided to do new with my day in the office posts is to do a little spotlight on the cars in the Driftworks Staff Car Park. Kicking things off with…Dan’s E39 5 Series! It’s gone through some changes over the past month, moving away from the factory 2.0ltr motor it left the factory with to a more useful 2.8ltr.

Another recent change is the addition of a set of Coilovers allowing him to achieve that ‘EPIC STANCED’ look he loves oh so much. It shows from his new ‘Lifestyler Style’ Sticker eh? haha!

There we have it, the first of my all new weekly office updates. I’m off to go comb and wax my ‘Stache, So I leave you with some portraits Myself and Kam created for you to tempt you lot into donating to the Driftworks Movember team!

We are the people behind your order processing. With great moustache, comes great responsibility.

See you next week!

Brother Bam.

7 thoughts on “A Day in the Office: Part 30 – A Fresh Start

  1. Bon has left Driftworks to pursue another career path. We still see him all the time and he works spare days where possible for us, but is no longer a full-time employee.

  2. Will he still be doing any driving for DW or, apart from knocking about now and then, gone for good? This guenuinely makes me sad. Only got to see him driving once last year at BDC Rd.4 and he looked on to a winner untill the car packed in 🙁

  3. Awesome update guys.. dam straight the “A Day in the Office” blogs are the most popular.. who wouldn’t want to see what new and awesome things you guys get up to in the office.. I would say its sum what inspiring 😉

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