Bon Bon bends fake Nardi wheel!

BonBon jumped at the chance to flex his burger filled biceps and test out a real Nardi steering wheel Vs a fake… guess which one passed the test? Take a look at the full range of Nardi and Personal products in our shop by clicking here.

20 thoughts on “Bon Bon bends fake Nardi wheel!

  1. Except the Rotas aren’t demonstrably weak, that’s them point surely? It’s not that it’s fake, it’s that it’s dangerous to use potentially and the Rotas aren’t.

  2. Adam: Are you retarded or just a troll? Rotas are badged as Rotas. They might look like other peoples wheels, but are still badged as Rotas. No-one tries to sell them as what they resemble, and never have.

  3. nice promotion for ur own stuff…but who will actually sterring like u? i have the same wheel for 3 years on my car never that is lucky to me,might be i am b=not the strong guy. i will say the fake one is for some poor and small people…

    1. No need to weight 3 tons to bend it, its obvious that even while manipulating this wheel normally it would bend coz it seems its made out of lead…
      And by the way they don’t promote their own stuff, to the latest news NARDI isn’t owned by Driftworks, they promote real safe & strong stuff over cheap knock off crap made by some chinaman on a cave…

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  5. honestly i cant believe they just bend like that ..

    Ive had a cheap dished style one on my car for a year cost £35 off ebay although it wasnt branded as anything . not had a single problem with it just removed it to fit a nardi classico took my whole body weight whilst pulling on it to release the boss didnt bend/crack/tear .

    Seems a bit of propaganda/self promotion to me they look wank those cheap ones not gonna argue that and £70 for knock off tat seems not so cheap to me . However not all cheap wheels are terrible .

    Also insert generic rota halfwit comment here

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  7. Haha exactly what i was thinking. That packaging/ebay add stated “Nardi Style” which is exactly what it was. Of coarse its not going to be as good as the real deal coming from china at less than 1/3 the price. You get what you pay for.

  8. @ Yeoo – A potato…. LOL JK. A phone camera obviously,as they’re not really going to use a top spec camera to film random shenanigans?

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