GeoMaster2 – Explained

The GeoMaster drift hub knuckles and the offset steering rack spacers are pretty complicated bits of kit, so we’ve put together a short film explaining what these mystical bits of gear are, and what they do. Hopefully when you’ve finished watching, you’ll understand a bit more why GeoMaster products can be found on top level Formula D cars like Dai Yoshiharas and Matt Powers cars who run steering rack spacers and hub knuckles respectively – and you can buy them too.

This setup also allows competition cars that require subframe and steering racks to remain in stock positions to get the best geometry possible for drifting, especially when combined with adjustable arms and adjustable coil over systems. However – you don’t need an all singing, all dancing monster to benefit from these either, we’ve seen amazing improvements to steering using near stock S14’s and pulling off some of the most ridiculous angles a car can pull off. Knuckles and rack offset spacers can be purchased separately too but for best results a full set is more desirable. If you have any questions please ask!

You can find more information and price up your kit in the shop here: CLICK ME!

Matt Powers at Long Beach by Andy Nguyen
Matt Powers at Long Beach last weekend by super snapper Andy Nguyen

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