Most see him rollin’, some be hatin’: The Rota GKR

Rota GKR Gunmetal

A very very fresh wheel which seems to have divided opinions are the Rota GKR alloy wheels which – we think – are possibly our favourite wheels in the entire range alongside the Grids and the GTR-Ds.  So far both Bon and Paz are running the green and white GKR’s on their S14’s, but when Kam found a crack in his cheap tatty old Sparco wheel we had to hook a brother up with a new set! Kam went for a more traditional colour option – Steel grey. (More after the jump)

Rota GKR

One of the lighest wheels in the Rota range in it’s size, and the finish is flawless!

Fitted to the car, they make even massively expensive wheels like the Double Sixes look dated.

Rota GKR 3

On an S14 we’re running a 25mm spacer on front, and Kam just needs to reduce his camber at the back before we can confirm the best fitment for the rear of a slightly flared stock S14a body. Bon is running around a degree and they sit perfectly.

Rota GKR Drift wheel

Ignore the rear fitment for now, we were just making sure the fronts didn’t rub, and they’re perfect!

Rota GKR 4

Remember, our shop staff are probably the most knowledgeable out of any dealer on fitment to cars, so if you need exactly the right stance and look all you need to do is give us a call and we’ll make sure you get your car looking and standing just right.

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21 thoughts on “Most see him rollin’, some be hatin’: The Rota GKR

  1. very nice im actually waiting on my rota grid ds as we speak but rota is possibly taking the mick abit as there messing me about alot !!! :@ shuda been here today

  2. Comeone everyone, we all know Rota copy other peoples designs, but they’re cheap and look good, and thats why we all love ’em.

    Most of us dont wanna be spending silly amounts for used wheels, or obscene amounts for new ones, so this just makes sense. The sooner everyone all gets over this whole ‘They’re so blatently copies of the ___________’, the better…

    Loving these though, are going to look so nice, on so many cars.

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