7 thoughts on “MX5 Coilover fitting video (20 minute both Parts)

  1. Nice video, except I don’t recognise what you say about the ride being nicer with the HSD’s fitted. Mine make the ride (R32) harsh as anything, I’ve been in track cars that were softer than this 🙂

  2. great vid, been thinking about getting a set for a while and now i reckon i can quite comfortably fit them myself with not little experience.

  3. I really don’t understand why you put spring clamps in place when taking the strut off??? Wouldn’t barely make an ounce of difference. Also you should generally undo the bottom bolts before the top so it’s not clonking around in mid air.

    Secondly what is the ride like with these HSD’s? Hearing very mixed reports, wanting to get a set for my Levin 😀

  4. *dislike i tried using this method on my mk 2 what a chew wasted about an hour fannying on with spring compressors, eventually took the long bolt out (on the fronts) took about 30 seconds a million times easyer and really quick and easy had the fronts done in 10 mins!

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