Day In The Office: Part 33 – The Festive Season

This week has seen a return to a slightly ‘fuller’ Driftworks office with Phil, James & Al arriving back from their film making trip to Japan just in time for the Christmas build up. Loaded with tales of Japan mayhem, from drunken karaoke antics to Meihan backwards entries the lads have only further added to our jealousy that the remaining few of us couldn’t make the trip! Luckily for us, Al captured about 18 hours of footage so let’s hope most of that was of the karaoke night huh?!
On a serious note though, it looks like the return of the boss men Phil and James was just in time, as staff inter-office disputes were beginning to get a little out of hand with young Dan being subject to various ( but totally non-malicious) attacks including having his head wrapped in tape…

and being thrown head first into a pile of fresh Federals…

But don’t worry folks, no members of the DW payroll were harmed too badly during the making of this day in the office post.
Meanwhile, you may have noticed by the numerous homes in your street covered in tacky santa shaped lights, that it’s December and the festive season is upon us. So spurred on by Phil arriving from back from the shop during lunch yesterday armed with mince pies, we decided to make the office a little more ‘Santa friendly’ and set to work putting up the Driftworks Christmas tree.
Here we have Socks, one of DW many mascots enjoying a couple of those fine all butter mince pies…

Well, I say we put the tree up, this task soon turned very much into Mel’s doing, proving that perhaps women do have a better touch when it comes to decorating a Christmas tree.

We brothers get too easily distracted with flashing snowmen lights, as displayed by our friendly neighbourhood Al here.

Dan on the other hand was just bowled over with the sheer excitement of it all. Look what happened when I told him it is only 16 more sleeps till Santa visits!

Well here’s the final product with socks sitting proud at the top, right by the front door ready to greet any passing visitors whether that will be the odd passer by or even three wise men?

See you all next week for the next fix of Driftworks Office life.

Brother Bam.

6 thoughts on “Day In The Office: Part 33 – The Festive Season

  1. also, lol, i’ve just seen he is in the tree, you should make angel wings for socks!! me and crackers have a rabbit angel in our tree she even has a halo!!!!

  2. hey driftworks just wanted to wish you all a merry Christmas and hope is all well there. think phil should drift the s15 with a santa outfit on would be a great wallpaper. looking forward to the outsiders film. say hello to socks for me 🙂

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